Zola Hashatsi said he’s been going to therapy to deal with his grief.

THE past few years have been tough for actor and TV presenter Zola Hashatsi.

He has lost a lot of his friends in the industry from Kuli Roberts to Siyanda Sesimani, Bruno Majola, Phil Hlophe and most recently, Mpho Sebeng.

Zola (35) is popularly known as the one who confirms all the deaths of celebs by people on social media. He opened up to Daily Sun about losing his friends and how he’s dealing with it.


“My manager said I’m the angel of death, and I should stop posting RIPs. The thing is, I care about the industry. I can’t just be posting nonsensical things. We must be real. We are losing people in the industry, and I think we must take care of each other, dead or alive.
“But I’m not going to lie, it’s been painful from Akhumzi to Dumi Masilela, to Siyanda Sesimani to Citilyts, Zahara to Mpho. Losing talented young people hurts, and I’m not saying losing old people is better. Someone you just spoke to now, you can’t even delete their numbers. Like Mpho, he was working on a new show that’s coming soon. The work was not done. It’s been painful,” he said.The former Rhythm City actor and Craz-e presenter has started going to therapy.

“I think I felt a little bit of depression coming because losing people that are younger than you, people that had potential, it’s emotionally, physically and mentally draining. It’s like someone ripped your heart out. But to talk about it helps,” he said.

Zola said all these celeb deaths have taught him some lessons.

“I’ve learnt that time is important, and so is showing up, changing things, and living every day like it’s your last. Having funeral policies is especially important, as well as learning financial literacy. We can’t pass away as artists all the time, and we run to the media and ask for donations. Policies should be there.

“There’s a lesson in all that’s happening. We need to learn because death can happen to anyone. No one is special. Unfortunately, we’re all going to die. That’s why I support all these families. This could happen to me,” he said.

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