Best Nail art Colors Desgins for 2020

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Cute Holiday Nails art Ideas of 2020

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Short Nails Nail Art Ideas for 2020

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New Xhosa Traditional Dresses Designs

I hope you’ve had a great weekend and that this Monday is treating you well so far. I spent most part of my weekend on periscope watching aisle’s perfect broadcast from NYC (my next holiday destination, saving loads for this one!) for bridal fashion week. Even though I was not physically there, I felt the anticipation and excitement while patiently waiting for the catwalks to begin. And when it all kicked off, I loved it.Every gown from every designer was pretty awesome. From A-line silhouettes to sparkly blingy dresses and gorgeous back details. We are in for such a treat in bridal fashion this season. Of course, there were some dresses I loved more than others, which is always the case with me. Anyhow, I’m going to be blogging some of the collections and you can decide for yourself which one you fancy, so you can feast and dream up your day.

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The top short African prom dresses

Get that beautifully tailor made look by going through our collection of short African dresses and identifying what connects most with your personality. Alternatively, you can come up with a design of your own and join the short African dresses slaying team before you are left out.

Over time, prom dresses have been believed to be long, body-hugging designs. However, the current wave of African fashion and natural ladies trend has led to a rise of stunning African fashion that is taking the fashion runways by a wave. Prom gets better with beautifully designed short African prom dresses with bright colors that immediately announce the mood of the night. Sample some of the coolest prom dresses designed in the African theme below.

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stylish African dresses print for 2020

If you do not have a single or several short African dresses in your closet, then you are missing out on something huge in the fashion industry. The truth is, you have a lot of catching up to do after which am confident you will become a subscriber to the stylish, elegant short African dresses print 2020 designs

African attires and fabrics have been taking the waves of the fashion world for a while now, ranging from the colorful Ankara to the cotton Kitenge. Just when we thought we had exhausted everything African, pretty short African dresses came in and swept away the traditional long and straight dresses designs we had gotten used to. Now short African dresses are a style to reckon with. The many designs of plus size African short dresses available, the group that often misses out on trends, proves that this wear has something for everyone and ladies have no excuse for not having a short African dress in their wardrobe.

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New African dress styles to rock in 2020

Women, unlike men, are by far more cautious about style and fashion. Their sense of grooming is stronger. Consequently, this forced designers to come up with African dresses design for everyone, from the petite to the plus size woman. The flexibility has made African fabric made attire popular across the globe. Besides, the African print can be worn to various occasions from weddings, party, customary event, religious functions all the way to formal environment depending on how the clothing is made.

Over the years, the African dresses for ladies have proved to be vital wear for the females. However, it has become very popular in the recent past thanks to a whole range of designs that fit a large proportion of the market segment. Even the pickiest person has an African design dresses they can rock for any function or purpose. The following are some of the prevalent latest African fashion dresses. You can go through it to see the various dress designs, know what is new and fresh in the market, and if lucky find the perfect look to rock next. It does not hurt a bit to add a modern design to your closet. Every African print has a name and an attached meaning or event to it. Traditionally, the meanings were held with a lot of reverence but today, the fabrics are just worn for their beauty and in preservation of our cultural heritage. West Africa is precisely known for cotton growing and has perfected the art of art cotton fabric dying. This is why the most elaborate African prints are from West Africa. The commonly known fabrics are ankara, dashiki, kente, gele, kitenge among many others.

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Best African Dresses Styles for 2020

We can’t deny that girls usually get confused when it comes to choosing a dress for any occasion. Africa is famous for cool and trendy printed dresses. You all know that long dresses are always on trend and they give you a classy look. Printed styles usually come from the West African countries apart from a few exceptions. African print long dresses styles include a variety of designs and collections. So, now you want to see the designs right? For that to happen. you don’t need to go anywhere, this YEN article comes with a variety of African print long dresses designs for you. If you are a lover of short dresses, this article is for you.

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Elegant African print dresses for 2020

Now, wait a minute! If you don’t own African print dresses In 2020, then you should think twice about that. Because let’s face it, the styles of African dresses are the current trending in fashion.
he African style dresses that are popping up are all so beautiful and elegant. The vibrant colors of the African prints also known as the Ankara print or kitenge prints produce the most stylish fashion pieces.
Ankara dresses are such bold statement dress pieces. For me, to dress with African print should not be a big hustle. In fact, it’s the easiest when it comes to its styling.
The colors of the print dresses makes it easy to get accessories to match with the style.
Take a look at print dress styles below.. You will love them!

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Best Long Africa dresses pic in 2020

When it comes to dressing, it is important that the top and the bottom are appropriate. Even at that, you always need to make sure that whatever you’re wearing looks good. As someone who is into fashion, being knowledgeable on the exact attire to wear on every occasion adds more credit on your part.One of the easiest places to show off your fashion skills and rock those dresses is in the church. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this same opinion because they believe that since it’s the church there are some limitations on particular attires.

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