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The Best Manicure Ideas for Summer 2019

Great ready to book your next manicure, because this nail inspo is going to make you want a new paint job stat. Check out the cutest, quirkiest, and most unique nail designs your favorite celebs can’t stop wearing.

It’s time to give your manicurist a call, because the spring/ summer 2019 nail trends are here, and they absolutely beg to be mimicked. When it came to shapes, the spring 2019 nail trends ran the gamut from short and square to long and pointed, with some moderate options in between. There was also variety in the spring/ summer 2019 nail polish trends when it came to color, with a ton of bright yellows and pinks as the seasonally appropriate options, and some darker shades as well for those who don’t care too much about arbitrary rules.


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Easy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails 2019

Like to keep your nails short, but have no clue about how to style them? Trust me, this post will be your savior. Who says you can’t do nail art on short nails? No matter how small or big the canvas is, art is always possible. That is precisely what makes it art!

Short nails are so much easier to maintain. My nails are quite brittle, so I understand the battle of not being able to grow them out. Even if my nails are short, I like indulging in a bit of nail art. So, if you are interested in the same, keep reading as we guide you through these simple DIY nail arts!


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Hottest Spring Nail Designs For 2019

Ahead, check out the coolest manicures to make it down the runway this year, and learn exactly how to recreate them at home. Just be forewarned: trying out these trends before springtime all but guarantees you won’t be wearing gloves through Fall or Winter.

Nail Art is the most graceful and gorgeous part of your personality. It’s not just about being fashionable anymore, it’s about staying updated with the latest trends and enjoying them.

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Beauty of Gel Nail Art Designs 2019

Life on earth should be made worth living and this all can happen when you love yourself, once you know your worth and importance, you give value to your well-being, your health shines out of your face and you feel confident about yourself. Fashion and trend are to be followed if you want to keep your pace with time. Let us look at the collection of the post of 15 Summer gel nails art designs & ideas of 2019

Accessorize yourself with good jewelry, nicer looking dresses & warmers; pair them up with a cooler handbag and nice footwear. Don’t forget to paint your nails differently that goes with your attire and entire look of yours. Stay shinning and give us your feedback.

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Great Glitter Nail Art Ideas of 2019

It is quite simple to belittle blue-green shading nails, however, once you observe the really perfect plans that can leave the contribution of this shade you will be completely entranced! The thing is that greenish blue nails are neither one of the blues nail outlines as a few people may view them as nor the green ones. What’s more, that is the magnificence of this shade! Despite the fact that it is a mix of two hues, it has its own particular appeal and conveys that novel magnificence that can overcome the hearts of all the accomplished fashionistas. What’s more, that is unequivocally what we will do with this new arrangement of greenish blue nail outlines arranged for you


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Tuxedo Nail Art & New Corset Nail 2019

Corset nail art styles represent the female corset outfit. These area units straightforward to use and appearance cute and fabulous. There area unit variety of inventive corset nail art styles, together with French tip nails, glitter nail styles, and lace nail art. Corset nail art area unit definitely a preferred trend and highlight your nails superbly. There area unit numerous styles to decide on from, and here area unit ten stunning corset nail art styles that you simply will strive.

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Super Gel Nail Art Design of 2019

Gel nail colors vary. Gel cosmetics has become extremely popular recently. the subsequent gel nail styles area unit attractive and you’ll fall crazy with them straight away. Gel cosmetics is applied like regular polish, however, it’s cured underneath the ultraviolet light lamp, that permits them to last longer. It even strengthens your nails. look into the subsequent concepts.

Gel Nail Art Design of 2018 Eye-catching styles for Gel Nails
These conspicuous styles for gel nails area unit a superb plan, regardless of what’s the occasion you’re obtaining ready for. Let your imagination go wild and everybody is going to be jealous of you!



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Lovely Gold Nail Design Ideas 2019

After a winter of wearing only dark, sad, blah colors, I’ve shifted my obsessions toward the gilded and sparkly. But rather than slapping on a few coats of gold polish and calling it a day (what is this, amateur hour?), I’ve instead searched far and wide across the depths of Instagram to find the prettiest, most-inspiring gold manicures worth trying immediately.

And guess what? I found a treasure-trove—I’m talking shimmery hues, simple mattes, and glitter-packed designs that will make you feel super-cool and fancy, even if you most definitely aren’t. Like me!



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