‘My mother was the pillar’ – Sbu Noah

MANY gospel artists are expected to live a holy life and when they don’t, they often get judged and condemned.

But this musician doesn’t blame those who have expectations of them.



Singer Sbu Noah, whose real name is Sbusiso Mthembu, told Daily Sun because they sing about being holy, it should make sense for them to also practice what they sing.
Speaking to Daily Sun, the 38-year-old Ewe Getsemane hitmaker from Umlazi in Durban said: “We always think when someone sings about something, it’s because they know about it or most importantly, it’s something they live.”If I sing about holiness, you probably expect me to be holy because that’s what I sing about. I don’t want people to take this wrong, but having said that, it’s important Christians also go through challenges everyone goes through. The Bible says we shouldn’t judge,” he said. He said it’s important for Christians to always practice what they preach.

“It helps to live what we say and must also help each other to do things the right way,” he said.

SbuNoah shared about his latest single, Hlala Nami Jesu which talks about God being there for them in their darkest moments.

“Even though the song is a prayer to God to walk with us, I’d like them to take away exactly that message, that God will be with you always. As they listen to this song and pray while singing along, I hope people feel God’s warm embrace and assurance that no matter what they go through, God is always with them till the end of time.”

He said he felt God’s hand when his mum died in 2021.

“My mum was the pillar of our family, and when she passed, God didn’t leave us,” he said.