What Musa Mseleku said after his wife MaNgwabe failed

The latest episode of the family reality show “Uthando Nesithembu” featuring polygamist, businessman, and media personality Musa Mseleku has stirred quite a reaction on the internet, particularly in response to Musa’s complaint about being stood up by his fourth wife, MaNgwabe Mseleku.In the episode, Musa, who is married to four wives, takes turns spending quality time with each wife, evenly distributing his time to ensure fairness. During the family vacation, it was MaNgwabe’s turn to enjoy a private moment with Musa. However, Musa expressed his frustration the next morning at the breakfast table, revealing that MaNgwabe did not join him in his room as planned, allegedly prioritizing her friend over him. MaNgwabe, seemingly unbothered, questioned why Musa didn’t come to her room instead.


Following the episode, internet users took to various social media platforms to share their opinions on the situation. Many expressed sympathy for MaNgwabe, suggesting that she may not be fully embracing the concept of polygamy anymore. Some users commended MaNgwabe’s independence and refusal to conform to Musa’s expectations.

On Instagram, one user praised MaNgwabe’s confidence and independence, while another criticized Musa for expecting MaNgwabe to adhere to his wishes without considering her own needs and desires.
Twitter users also chimed in, with one user jokingly stating that no reason would ever be good enough to hate MaNgwabe. Others highlighted MaNgwabe’s unbothered demeanor during the conversation and expressed support for her decision not to conform to Musa’s expectations.

Overall, the episode sparked a lively discussion online, with many viewers empathizing with MaNgwabe’s perspective and questioning Musa’s behavior and expectations within the dynamic of their polygamous relationship.