UthandoNesthembu drama as Mayeni be ats Macele & Makhumalo.

Mzansi is buzzing with reactions to the latest episode of Uthando Nes’thembu, where Musa Mseleku’s wives found themselves in a heated dispute over makeup artists. The controversy arose when Makhumalo arranged for two makeup artists without consulting the other wives.
This decision did not sit well with viewers, who expressed their disappointment in Makhumalo’s actions.
It was revealed that Makhumalo had only communicated with MaCele, leaving MaNgwabe and MaYeni out of the loop. This incident has raised questions among fans about the growing bond between Makhumalo and MaCele, as they appear to be teaming up against MaYeni and MaNgwabe.


During the show, Makhumalo announced that the new makeup artist would work on MaYeni and MaNgwabe, while the regular makeup artist would attend to her and MaCele. This arrangement did not please MaYeni, who wanted the new makeup artist to start with her.MaYeni confronted MaCele and Makhumalo, realizing that they had planned their actions without consulting her and MaNgwabe. Meanwhile, MaNgwabe chose to isolate herself in her room, refusing to join the others.

Makhumalo proposed that both makeup artists take turns, with one starting and the other finishing the task. However, MaYeni disagreed and opted to stick with the regular makeup artist. Many viewers took to social media to express their frustration with Makhumalo, blaming her for introducing a new makeup artist instead of sticking with the familiar one.