The Maputlas find out about Ntswaki’s lies. coming on skeem Saam 1st and 2nd weeks June teasers

“This June, Skeem Saam takes you on a thrilling ride of drama, suspense, and unforgettable moments! Get ready for jaw-dropping twists, shocking revelations, and life-changing decisions that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As secrets unravel and tensions escalate, friendships will be tested and new alliances will form. Don’t miss a single episode of the gripping saga unfolding this June on Skeem Saam!”


Lehasa uncovers Pretty’s lies and her connection to his enemy. Clement finds himself inheriting Koloi’s fight, while Lewatle faces humility after being caught doing something she shouldn’t.

Friday 3 JUNE 2024 – Episode 220

Lehasa asks Pretty to compromise herself to prove she’s not a traitor. Toby’s encounter with Charles turns unpleasant, and Babeile prepares for the next step in his relationship.

Monday 6 JUNE 2024 – Episode 221

Kobus catches Pretty in a compromising position, while Babeile seeks MaNtuli’s blessing for a surprise for Sthoko. Toby and Ntswaki’s budding romance begins with a lie.

Tuesday 7 JUNE 2024 – Episode 222

Lehasa discovers Kgosi giving evidence against him. Kwaito and MaNtuli clash over Babeile’s plans for Sthoko, and Ntswaki learns about Toby’s mother.

Wednesday 8 JUNE 2024 – Episode 223

Lehasa feels the pressure as Kgosi closes in on him. The surprise marriage proposal hits a rough patch, and Ntswaki’s plan to surprise her “Prince Charming” fails.

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Thursday 9 JUNE 2024 – Episode 224

Sthoko crosses a line in an argument with Babeile, while Toby and Ntswaki go on their first date.

Friday 10 JUNE 2024 – Episode 225

Babeile and Sthoko must honor previous plans despite their tension. Mr. Kgomo considers rehiring a former employee with a troubled past.

Monday 13 JUNE 2024 – Episode 226

Babeile’s anger leads to dire consequences, while Lehasa tries to throw Pretty off his trail. MaNtuli is deeply affected by Sthoko’s actions.

Tuesday 14 JUNE 2024 – Episode 227

Babeile faces the consequences of his actions, and Lehasa seeks revenge on Kgosi. Melita is surprised by Eunice’s return for her old job interview.

Wednesday 15 JUNE 2024 – Episode 228

Babeile and Sthoko’s reconciliation attempt ends in tragedy. Melita feels jealous of Mr. Kgomo’s growing bond with Eunice. Lehasa’s confidence falters as he believes he’s dealt with Kgosi.

Thursday 16 JUNE 2024 – Episode 229

Sthoko seeks refuge with Alfred Magongwa after her fight with Babeile. Melita’s jealousy grows as she suspects a romance between Mr. Kgomo and Eunice. Ntswaki’s secrets begin to unravel.

Friday 17 JUNE 2024 – Episode 230

Babeile’s reaction to Sthoko’s actions alarms everyone. Lehasa faces blackmail from Kgosi, and Ntswaki realizes Carol is onto her.

Monday 20 JUNE 2024 – Episode 231

Alfred wants Babeile arrested, Ntswaki faces a surprise visit from Leeto, and a lunchbox raises suspicions.

Tuesday 21 JUNE 2024 – Episode 232

Sthoko and Babeile’s reunion confuses and upsets their loved ones. Melita tries to separate Mr. Kgomo and Eunice, while Ntswaki agrees to something risky.

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Wednesday 22 JUNE 2024 – Episode 233

Ntswaki involves others in her schemes, leading to consequences. The Maputlas discover Ntswaki’s lies, and she finds herself in over her head.

Thursday 23 JUNE 2024 – Episode 234

The Maputlas panic over Ntswaki’s disappearance, and Amukelani is questioned by the police.

Friday 24 JUNE 2024 – Episode 235

New information about Luc lands on Sergeant Rathebe’s desk. Mr. Kgomo is stern with Melita but surprisingly gentle with Eunice. Dr. Hlongwane considers drastic action.

Monday 27 JUNE 2024 – Episode 236

Ntswaki is rattled by an unexpected visitor, and Babeile faces rumors of abuse. Rathebe investigates Luc’s case, and tensions rise.

Tuesday 28 JUNE 2024 – Episode 237

Ntswaki reveals the truth to the Maputlas, while Jacobeth warns Rathebe about Bullet Mabuza. Mr. Kgomo is annoyed by Melita’s interference in Eunice’s affairs.

Wednesday 29 JUNE 2024 – Episode 238

Rathebe makes progress in the Luc case through Bullet’s help, and Ntswaki drops another bombshell.

Thursday 30 JUNE 2024 – Episode 239

Ntswaki confronts Meikie and Mapitsi, Rathebe continues his search for Luc, and Sthoko stands up for Babeile in an unexpected way.