Skeem Saam’s Thobagale and House of Zwide’s Mampho are mother and daughter in real life?

Social media has been buzzing with endless questions about whether House of Zwide actress Gaisang Noge, known as Mampho, and actress Elizabeth Serunye, who plays Principal Thobakgale from Skeem Saam, are mother and daughter in real life. Ever since pictures of the two together surfaced online, fans have been speculating about their relationship.Elizabeth Serunye, who portrays Principal Thobakgale in the drama series Skeem Saam, was born on March 12, 1971, in Limpopo, South Africa. She hails from Alexandra, a township north of Johannesburg, and has appeared in numerous South African television drama series, including Yizo Yizo and Generations, as well as the films Jerusalem and Skin.On the other hand, Gaisang Noge is a model, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and actress best known for her role as Mampho on the television series House of Zwide. Born on June 15, 1996, in Vaal Triangle, Gauteng, South Africa, she is the daughter of reputable television presenter Dosto Noge. Gaisang fell in love with acting at a young age, following in her father’s footsteps.


Viewers of Skeem Saam and House of Zwide have noted the striking resemblance between the two actresses, leading to speculation that they might be mother and daughter. However, the truth has now been revealed. Despite their close bond and the mother-daughter-like relationship they share in the entertainment industry, they are not related by blood.

In an interview, actress Elizabeth Serunye confirmed that the photo circulating on social media was taken behind the scenes. The two actresses acted together on a soap opera called Bo Mma. The Skeem Saam actress also admitted that Gaisang Noge, Mampho from House of Zwide, is like a daughter to her in the entertainment world. They share moments off-screen, and the young actress occasionally seeks her counsel.So, while Elizabeth Serunye and Gaisang Noge share a strong mentor-mentee relationship and a special bond in the industry, they are not mother and daughter in real life. Their different surnames and personal backgrounds further clarify that the two are not biologically related.