Thando Thabethe is pressuring Billionaire Robert Marawa to have a child with her but Robert is refusing.

Relationship Rumors Swirl: Thando Thabethe’s Desire for Parenthood Clashes with Robert Marawa’s ReadinessSpeculation abounds as rumors surface regarding the relationship dynamics between South African personalities Thando Thabethe and Robert Marawa. Reports suggest that Thabethe is eager to start a family, applying pressure on Marawa to join her on this journey, despite his apparent reluctance.Sources close to the situation reveal that Thabethe’s desire for parenthood has strained her relationships, leading to a rift between her and her friends, including her closest confidante, Tumi. Concerns have been raised about Thabethe’s well-being as she appears to have distanced herself from her support network.




Adding complexity to the situation, it’s been disclosed that both Thabethe and Tumi are facing financial obligations, with debts totaling over R400,000 for their Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures.

As Thabethe navigates the complexities of her personal life and aspirations for motherhood, her strained relationships and financial burdens underscore the challenges she currently faces. The unfolding narrative invites speculation and scrutiny as observers ponder the implications of Thabethe’s desires and the dynamics within her social circle.