‘Siya Kolisi is not a hero’: MK Party leader vows

MK Party youth leader Bonginkosi Khanyile claimed that Siya Kolisi is not a hero. Speaking in an interview with DJ Sbu at The Hustlers Corner, the upcoming politicians divided fans, with some calling him out on 11 March.



As the leader of the MK Party’s youths, Bonginkosi became one of the fastest-rising politicians. Conversely, Siya Kolisi is the most decorated Springboks captain, having won two Rugby World Cups.

Over the years, he had united South Africans with his team leadership, leading them to access. Siya Kolisi seemed to have united South Africans more than divided them with his deeds.

Surprisingly, the rising politician did not see this; he believed Siya Kolisi was not a hero. He even went on to accuse the Springbok captain of being a racist.

“Siya Kolisi is not a hero; he makes black people slaves of the whites, & white propaganda,” he said

The Springboks trended after winning the 2023 Rugby World Cup a few months ago. They returned as heroes, went on a celebration tour, and passed through several places.

After completing their tours, some people raised concerns about the choices of the places they went. Some suggested that they neglected the poor areas of South Africa and chose places with rich people.

It seemed this was the perception the MK party leader was discussing.

Over the years, Siya Kolisi had been a fan hero among South Africans, although he did not impress the MK Party leader, Bonginkosi. Besides his rugby abilities, Siya Kolisi has been praised for being humble and not discriminating against others.

His Kolisi foundation also showed how much he cares for others, making fans love him more. Comparing him to other South African athletes, Siya Kolisi would rank among the greatest heroes out of his contribution.

This long and dedicated career was what fans considered when they disagreed with the MK Party youth leader.

@Dingswayo_N “A mad young man invited to a podcast just to disgrace himself all the more.”

@DecideDied “He is a pathetic excuse of a mawhoat has a chip on his shoulder. Siya has done more for this country than will ever do in its hopefully short lifetime.”