Andile Ncube defends Liesl Laurie amid pregnancy comments

Last week, South African media personality and doctor Musa Mthombeni flooded social media with photos from his graduation. The medical professional just graduated from the College of Diagnostic Radiologists of South Africa and is a specialist radiologist.


In many of his photos, his wife, former Miss South Africa, Liesl Mthombeni, can be seen posing proudly next to her high-achieving husband.

Fans of the lovely couple have since started speculating that there may be a bun in Liesl’s oven – something she has once again slammed.

And now a close friend of the couple, media personality Andile Ncube, has come out to defend them.

Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni – the wife of Dr Musa — found herself, for the second time in two years, blasting people for making comments about her looking pregnant.

Photos of the former Miss SA with her husband at his graduation last week led to these comments from social media users.

“I don’t know if my eyes are deceiving me… But it looks like our brother Dr Musa finally scored,” wrote one person while another said:

Yeah, she’s definitely pregnant.”

Not taking lightly to these comments, Liesl asked people to “leave her womb alone.”

“Leave my womb alone. Leave other women’s wombs alone,” she began.

“Whether I am or not (let’s be clear, I am not) I just feel like you guys want to be seen,” she continued.

“This culture of wanting to be seen or wanting to be first, you guys need to stop it. When women are ready to tell you whether or not they want to procreate, whether or not they are pregnant, or whether or not they will be expecting, they will do so within their time.

“You guys are honestly and truly starting to piss me off… I am really really tired of this happening on my posts and other women’s posts,” she said.

While Liesl has put her foot down when it comes to the pregnancy situation, locals continued to harp on about it on X (formerly Twitter.)

This led to her friend Andile Ncube stepping in after notorious X influencer @Shadaya_Knight shared his thoughts:

“It’s clear, Dr Musa won’t be a father anytime soon, he’s just going to have to settle for dogs and cats. Liesl is disgusted by the idea of carrying a child for Dr Musa. It’s no surprise though, to anyone who knows female nature, it’s obvious she settled for Dr Musa. All those frequent vacations all over the globe are nothing more than distractions to the real issue – she doesn’t want a child with Dr Musa,” wrote Shady.

Responding to this Andile pointed out that not only was it creepy for Shadaya to be discussing someone else’s relationship at length, it was also weird that he seemingly enjoys doing it.

“Nah boi! This isn’t it. An entire essay on someone’s life you know 0 about and in the most private of matters you find such joy. Come on!” he wrote.