photo Lynn Forbes’ real age revealed

Late Mzansi rapper, AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes had her social media followers’ jaws dropped after she revealed her age in an Instagram post shared on Monday, 18 March.

Lynn Forbes took to her feed and posted a photo of herself looking ravishing in a white summer dress. In the photo, she could be seen rocking her timeless parted bob hair-do.




For accessories, she went with silver high-heeled pointed pumps and silver jewelry.

“Anything over 50 years old but less than 100 years old can be called vintage or collectible. At almost 56, I’m just wondering how much I’m worth,” Forbes captioned her post.

Web MD highlighted some of the things that people over 50 may experience. And, It was said that many people’s brain functions over 50 may dip, their bones will become weaker, and over 40 per cent of people over 50 will experience some hearing loss.

Life Coach for Women also listed a number of tips that may help people over their 50s find a purpose in life. It was advised that these people should start being more active, adopt a new mental approach, keep socialising, and more.

Forbes is on a mission to leave a positive influence on the world, according to TshisaLIVE. The 55-year-old is said to want to see change in the way middle-aged women are perceived in society.

“They would say life starts at 40, but actually life stopped kind of at 50 and there was not much more to look forward to. Now we find ourselves in a very different position. Older, more mature people, have opportunities and have more to look forward to and do. So the crisis is really now an opportunity,” Lynn said in an episode of her podcast Outspoken Owls.