Lerato Kganyago harassed by man claiming they have a child together

An unknown man from East London, Eastern Cape, has been messaging media personality Lerato Kganyago about allowing him to see a child he says they have together.

In a video he shared on X, the man (who calls himself Siyabonga Kopele) claims he has tried everything in his power to see the alleged child.





The video shows the man introducing himself as a unemployed citizen who survives on the government’s R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant.

“I have a child that I need to see and they are prohibiting me from seeing the child.

“I have assets; a house and a car; and they are also prohibiting me from getting those. I need help from anyone. I know they know me. I know the media knows me. I’ve been on TV, and I want them to say they don’t know me and I want them to say it’s not my child… let’s prove it,” said the teary-eyed man.

“I’m asking for assistance from everyone and anyone who knows the story about me and Lerato Kganyago. I know Patrice Motsepe will try to bribe everyone. I know Lesetja Kganyago, the governor of the reserve bank [Lerato’s uncle], would also try to bribe everyone to keep me quiet or to keep this quiet because I’m not [from] an affluent family. But, I just want my life back. I just want the truth to come out.”

Kganyago, who is a DJ and Metro FM presenter, asked for anyone who may know Kopele to contact her as she says she has been harassed because of his claims.

“I don’t know YOU and I don’t have children with you OR ANYONE. If anyone knows this gentleman please DM me. I’ve been harassed on my phones, at work, through my colleagues. I know this is a serious problem, and I PRAY your family sees this and assists you!”

Responding to an X user who shared that Kopele might have mental issues, she said: “That’s why I tried looking for his family privately for months so they can assist him. No one has come forward yet. Seems like no one knows him. Wish he can get help.”

However, Kopele replied: “Lerato hai we have been through this before and ventilated it on court.Tell the Truth. How did you buy all the houses? [sic].”

In another post on X, he wrote: “Please I want to see my child.” Kganyago replied: “I just have dogs papa. Please get help. You’ve made my life extremely uncomfortable. I hope you get all the help you need.”

Additionally, he told her to sue him if he’s lying.