Petronella Tshuma has opened up about being a single mother of two.

The actress, who split up with the father of her second child roughly three years ago, opened up on her experience raising two young boys on her own.“Camagu’s dad and I split up. Was that ever the plan? Of course not. So here I am, a mother to two beautiful boys with different fathers. Who would ever want to be with me again? Am I using goods? I must have been the problem, right? My lobola price will probably cost pocket change,” she said.



The former Rhythm City actress, best known for her role as Pearl, revealed that she suffered breakdowns at work following the break-up.“I could not act. Lines would not stick. But here I am, a single mom with two kids that I need to provide for. Rhythm City, my amazing family, was understanding. Gave me time and the greatest support. Offered and would pay for therapy. I did not go because I then got the news that the show was being cancelled. I remember saying to my cast members, ‘how will I look after my children?’My children are the only ones on the planet who have seen all of my colors. The pros and cons. The lovely and the dreadful But for some reason, I am the world and more to them.”Above all, Petronella stated that being a mother is the finest gift she has ever been given, and that it comes with immense responsibility.

The actress, who got her big break 10 years ago when she auditioned for Class Act in front of Rapulana Seiphemo, James Ngcobo, and Moonyeenn Lee, reminisced about a time when she was asked what else she is good at besides acting and replied, “All I am good at is being a mum.”

“And all the while, I’m always rediscovering myself. I had no idea such a lovely young lady existed. I’d filled everyone else’s cups, even the roles I’d play, and there was nothing left for myself. Self-employment is not for the faint of heart. It is challenging yet rewarding.”