Liteboho Molise didn’t know her husband had two other wives.

The beautiful and talented Liteboho Molise got an unwelcome surprise when she discovered that she was not the only woman in her husband’s life. Liteboho, best known for the role of the cunning and spirited Teboho Mukwevho on Muvhango, learned that she was actually her husband’s third wife and that her husband is a staunch traditionalist who believes in polygamy.





The drama all started when the actress, who is normally guarded about her private life, showed off her new husband, Thabo Twala, a businessman from Mpumalanga. It did not take long before Liteboho’s marital bliss was intruded on.

Within a few days, a woman who identified herself as Kate came out, claiming that she was Twala’s first wife. She also chided the Teboho actress, saying that she should leave them alone.The Muvhango actress was not cowed, however. She fired back saying that as far as she was concerned, Kate was history. She also dismissed another woman called Mpho saying that Twala had broken up with her.

“When I met him, Kate was history. She was no longer with him … even now they are no longer together. In fact, Thabo had just broken up with some woman called Mpho when I met him. He paid lobola for me and we live together with our child,”

However, Liteboho was dealt a blow when Twala refuted her claims and said that both Kate and Mpho were also his wives. He went on to say that he loves all three of them and takes great care of them all.In an interview with the Sunday World, Twala said,