Pearl Thusi gets emotional as she marks her 36th birthday

Pearl Thusi gets emotional as she marks her 36th birthday 🎂🎉🙈
Pearl Thusi reaches a milestone today and it’s been a well of emotions for the star.
The actress and DJ announced her birthday on Instagram; she also expressed herself in a lengthy note.
Thusi who walked down memory lane said she broke out in tears as she miss her parents who had passed away.







“I’ve been feeling a lot of big feelings lately… I woke up and immediately began crying… grateful that my kids are already at school and don’t have to see me like this. But I’m so happy to be feeling. And maybe crying on your birthday is ok- it’s all the love I still have for my parents yearning to be felt by them,” Pearl wrote.
“I’ve woken up numb on most birthdays. Looking forward to the messages and phone calls stopping but today- I’m feeling everything… joy, sadness, excitement, love, hope, fears. What id do to get a call from them. I miss my dads voice in a heartbreaking and wrenching way.. But with all the despair I may often feel at the losses I’ve had to take through the years- I’m still standing, tall and proud, so just in case they see everything- they didn’t die in vain,” she added.
“I won’t lie, it weirdly feels really good to cry. Can this day always be a reminder of the power and love I come from. The strength I carry with me. Happy bringing a new soul into the planet to my parents.
Giving birth and raising a child is tough- hope im making it worth it. The people who gave you Queen Sono and the first to so many things that we can only hope inspired the new and coming generations of game changers on this continent.”