Nandi Madida congratulates her husband on his sold out show

Nandi Madida celebrates her husband Zakes Bantwini for performing at a sold-out show. Taking to social media, the actress shared a lovely snap of herself with her husband.

“One thing I witnessed is that Zakes @zakesbantwini has loyal fans, a sold-out show with a catalogue spanning more than 20 years is truly something else. Congrats also on your metro award for best dance,” she wrote.





Zakes Bantwini’s sweetest birthday tribute to his wife, Nandi Madida

That woman is everything. I wish people knew how many fights and how much money that woman has lost in trying to push for that natural hair to fight for Africans,” he said.

Zakes recalled an incident where Nandi was in the running for an international endorsement, but because she expressed her views in a tweet and refused to delete it she lost the deal.

“To see that woman not being swayed by money, she can go somewhere motivate for free and leave a gig that is supposed to pay her because it does not represent what she feels it represents. If something isn’t pushing African and isn’t pushing girls forward, she’s not part of it, no matter how much you are going to pay her, ” he said.