Generations actress Lucy (Manaka Ranaka) turns into a snitch to save her family

Lucy from Generations: The Legacy is willing to do anything to leave prison because she sees her family struggling.

She was arrested for taking people hostage in prison so her husband, Mrekza could get a life-changing surgery.




A few weeks out of the hospital, Mrekza has recovered, but he’s not coping, he can’t run a family like Lucy can. Unfortunately, Lucy sees that her husband is struggling, but she can’t do much about it besides giving him advice.

So, she has signed a deal with the cops to expose a corrupt warden in her prison. If you know Lucy, then you know she’s no snitch. This shows how desperate she is. She’s willing to do anything to go back to her family.

To kickstart her plan, she has asked her former friend, Palesa to get a job as a cleaner so that she can sneak into the warden’s office.

The warden caught her in his office, but she wiggled her way out. Will she be able to get the evidence and go back home though? Let’s hope she does.