‘Maphorisa claims to have made Kabza’: Alleged beef between DJs explained

The beef between amapiano producers Kabza De Small and Maphorisa has reportedly intensified.



According to ZiMoja, sources have revealed that the pair (who call themselves Scorpion Kings) are downplaying their feud to the public.

“The drama between the two was mainly caused by Maphorisa, who claims to have made Kabza the superstar that he is today, forgetting that Kabza worked very hard to build a name for himself, even during the time he still lived in Alex,” one source said.

During their interview on the Street Fame Culture podcast in December 2023, Maphorisa opened up about how they met.

“He blowed my mind with the songs he was playing and I started following him [sic] .”

He added that he was amazed Kabza played: “I thought to myself, ‘Yoh, this guy has got his own world that he created.’ I couldn’t just let him be, so I asked him ‘no bro let’s work together’ [sic]” added Maphorisa.

Another source told ZiMoja that Maphorisa has not been a supportive friend, especially when Kabza got married last year to Kamogelo Moropa.

“He felt some type of way about that, but didn’t want to start drama by confronting him, so he kept quiet and even now he is keeping his distance from him,” said the mole.

According to a third source, the drama between the two DJs is not new.

“Last year, these two went on social to troll each other but people thought it was a publicity stunt, but it wasn’t and now they are not even talking or doing gigs together”.

Earlier this week, Maphorisa (real name Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe) slammed fans asking him about Kabza.

“You guys like asking me about Kabza as if I’m married to him. Kabza is married, he has a wife. Are you guys crazy? Stop asking me about Kabza every day like I’m marking the register. Are you mad?” Maphorisa said.

The Blaqboy Music owner said this during his Instagram Live session.

“Don’t you know he has his own house? He bought a house and has his own studio. Am I supposed to be living for Kabza? Are you crazy?” Maphorisa continued.

Why aren’t you going to his Instagram account to ask him about his whereabouts? ‘Where’s Kabza, where’s Kabza?’ Where’s your mother and grandmother?” he sarcastically asked.

“Doesn’t Kabza have his own life to live? Is he supposed to live for me? Are you crazy? Are him and I dating? Don’t annoy me. Stop asking me nonsense!” he continued.

The Mnike hitmaker’s remarks sparked rumours they were no longer getting along. However, Kabza has poured cold water on the claims.

In a video shared on social media, Kabza said that no one can ever seperate him from Maphorisa.

“Are they saying I’m beefing with Phori [Maphorisa]? They are crazy. They are talking sh*t. You can never seperate us. Forget it!

“There is nothing you can do to us. Forget it! You guys are crazy. Why would Phori and I fight? Phori is my friend,” he said.