‘Looks worn out’: Nonku’s appearance worries fans

The new season of The Real Housewives of Durban has hit and already viewers are invested in it. As the show progresses, people are sharing their thoughts about their favourite housewives and how they think each cast member can improve.


Nonku Williams — many people’s favourite housewife — has left her fans concerned. This after she appeared on one of the recent episodes looking very disheveled and unlike herself.

Photos of her have gone viral as many wonder what’s happening.

Nonku Williams is a big hit among South Africa reality TV lovers who are seemingly hooked on season four of Real Housewives of Durban.

The season has kicked off to an exciting start and as usual, viewers don’t waste time heading online to scrutinise what’s happening on the spicy show.

Last month, Sorisha was praised for leveling up her style and later dragged as “stingy.”

This week, Nonku Williams is being called out for looking tired and “worn out.“

Heading online, one concerned fan shared a photo of the star on the show which she captioned, “Nonku looks very old on this episode, I don’t know if it’s the wig or but khona into e off [something is off.]”

Many couldn’t help but agree that Nonku simply didn’t look as polished as she usually does on social media. Many pointed out how she appears to look more her age.

While some housewives may see Nonku as too much, many local viewers believe that she is the only character that makes the show worth watching.

This is why many are concerned about her wellbeing:

“She looks so worn out #RHODurban,” one person said while another wrote:

“Ngathi she hasn’t slept for weeks on end.”

“I think this is how she is vele unfortunately production didn’t use FaceApp like she always does when taking pictures,” a third added.