Lusanda Mbane is a managing director in real life

Lusanda Mbane (born Lusanda C. Sangoni; 16 May 1979) is a South African actress, radio personality, and speaker.









She has appeared in several series on the screens of South Africa. Lusanda has also done commercials for clients who are big brands. As a voice-over artist, she has worked for big names like Google, Edgars, KFC, DStv, and others.

No doubt, Lusanda Mbane is one of the best actresses in South Africa. She is genuine and pure in her acting skills. Lusanda Mbane is a jack of all trades, and she is famous for her villainous gig on Scandal.The actress is 44 years old. She was born and bred in Butterworth Eastern Cape, South Africa. Lucinda is happily married to Luzuko, and she has two children. She became a household name in 2010 when she played the role of Naomi Molatana on the long-running soapie Generations The Legacy.Lusanda is an entrepreneur, brand ambassador, voice-over artist and radio personality. She has rendered her unique voice over services for big organisations such Google, SALGA, KFC EDGAS, DStv, to mention a few. Lusanda has also advertised for countless organisations throughout her lifetime. Lusanda is very intelligent, and like any other celebrity, she is very active on social media.Besides being a tv personality, the actress has a heart of gold. She is the founder of the Lusanda Mbane Foundation, a non-profit organisation that helps less privileged communities in South Africa. The Lusanda Mbane organisation was created to help women being abused and to empower the youths in South Africa. The actress is doing an excellent job, and the organisation is a lifesaver to many in South Africa.

Lusanda is a hard-working lady, and she is also the managing director of her recruitment business. We wonder if she has time to rest, for it looks like she has so many things to do in her life.She is a director for many films and drama series, and she collaborates on many film productions. Rumors say she was part of the etvScandal directing team; later, she joined the directing team of Smoke and Mirrors, where she is cast right now.