Actor Mduduzi Mabaso gushes over his wife of 16 years

Mduduzi Mabaso, the performer, is a man deeply in love who isn’t afraid to march it.Relatively recently, the famous performer took to Instagram to sing Fatima Metsileng’s praises.









As long as she feels happy, praising the one you love will bring God closer to you. There are certainly temptations that we must resist. After what seems like an eternity, I finally feel butterflies because of my love. May God bless you for making this friendship your priority.

Pupu, please help me out and tell me how I can show my gratitude to you even more than this. You know I will not honor you more than God, so I will do the equivalent in kind,” he said.Mdu and Fatima have been married for over ten years and are responsible for four teenagers, two of whom are from Mdu’s first marriage.

To express his appreciation for his appearance, he posted a number of photographs.Even though he was well-known for his role as the no-nonsense criminal Suffocate on the cancelled Rhythm City, Mduduzi assured Mzansi that he was, in fact, a “softie” when it came to matters of morality.

A lot of things bother me. Unfortunately, most of my roles have been as tough, district-based types that I really dislike playing. Since the roles I’ve been most recognized for on television have all involved portraying similar types of characters, I can safely assume that first impressions are lasting.

Acting is a passion for Mduduzi Mabaso, and he always seems to be in a rush to get somewhere.After more than a decade in development, he finally talks about releasing Suffocate.To this point, Mzansi has come to appreciate how well he is handling his