Lerato Kganyago finally reaches out to help man harassing her over kids

Well-known South African radio and media personality, Lerato Kganyago finally helps the man harassing her over his child. Over the past year, the man has been begging to see his child; claiming that the child is with the DJ.

Taking to Twitter this Tuesday, Lerato expressed her anger about the issue as he’s made her life uncomfortable.

She also wished she could contact his family, so he gets the help needed.

A family member reached out to LKG on Twitter and revealed that the man is suffering mentally.




“Hi Lerato, He is my brother and has mental issues. It seems as a family we didn’t notice and even see this happening. Please contact me so we can sort this out immediately,” the user wrote.

The South African star appreciated people who helped in tracking the family.

“Thank you to those that assisted us in tracking down his family, I hope he gets all the help he needs.”

She further revealed that the family will ensure he gets professional help.

“They are aware he has been struggling but only realized today how bad it is. Sounds like he has been admitted before. His family is attending to it, he does have children that I think live with their own mom. But that’s all I can reveal right now. I’m just hoping he gets GOOD professional help which they reassured me of.”