etvScandal: Nhlamulo Wants To Fight For Simone’s Child Larona In Cour t, Because He Doesn’t Want His

etvScandal: Nhlamulo Wants To Fight For Simone’s Child Larona In Cour t, Because He Doesn’t Want HisNhlamulo wants to fight for Simone’s child, Larona, in court because he doesn’t want his. Watch video below:

Monday, March 18, 2024:
The atmosphere of a joyous celebration takes a sharp turn towards chaos when Simone unexpectedly loses her cool, and Vuvu reacts without restraint. Meanwhile, Jojo finds himself facing the consequences of a public relations disaster that proves more costly than he could have anticipated. Adding to the turmoil, what was meant to be a romantic baecation transforms into a harrowing ordeal when Dintle unexpectedly appears.Tuesday, March 19, 2024:
Tensions escalate as Simone throws an unexpected curveball at Nhlamulo, further fueling existing conflicts. Simultaneously, a shrewd businessman devises a plan to deceive his partners, while Bra Jakes grapples with the repercussions of a recent purchase that seems to have vanished into thin air.





Wednesday, March 20, 2024:
A sudden illness serves as a catalyst for an unexpected awakening of emotions. The facade of ignorance crumbles as one partner deceives the other, and the fragility of young love is laid bare as heartbreak descends upon unsuspecting hearts.Thursday, March 21, 2024:
Nhlamulo confronts the consequences of his actions as he gains clarity about the impact of his choices. Legal battles ensue as parties involved in various conflicts intensify their efforts to seek justice. Meanwhile, an estranged uncle endeavors to find his way back into the fold of the family home, navigating the delicate intricacies of familial relationships.

Friday, March 22, 2024:
Amidst heartache and difficult decisions, Nhlamulo prioritizes the well-being of the innocent parties involved. Dintle embarks on a mission to uncover and confront individuals engaging in fraudulent activities, while a young boy experiences the pangs of his first heartbreak, leaving him utterly devastated.