Harriet Manamela reveals that she’s recovered from hip surgery

At the beginning of this year, popular SABC drama Skeem Saam announced that one of its lead actors, Harriet Manamela, who plays the character Meikie Maputla, would be temporarily replaced by Florence Masebe due to extended sick leave.

This raised concerns among viewers of Skeem Saam regarding Manamela’s health.

However, on Monday afternoon, she informed the public that she had fully recovered following hip replacement surgery.














“I had a hip replacement surgery beginning of the year hence I was given a break from shooting. Thank you to everyone for wishing me well even though there was no clear explanation why I had to be off the screen & production had to find a sit in for me. Your support and wishing me well humbles my heart & you all much appreciated. Now that production is on a shooting break it’s more time to enjoy seeing people & catching up
My family as always my strength is derived from your love. My colleagues checking up on me as often as you do melts my heart and to my friends taking moments to enjoy the sunshine with me, ” priceless.”

Additionally, Manamela thanked Florence Masebe for standing in for her during her absence.

“To my dearest sesi Florence Masebe ” ngwana Manamela” as you fondly call me. You responded to the call of duty and did what you know best. Being one of SA’s powerful performers we definitely are looking forward to enjoy your episodes and your strong abilities to bringing characters to life. I humble myself before you sis Flo and say “Kea leboga sesi.”

Moreover, Manamela expressed her deepest condolences to the Sebeng family following the passing of their son and fellow thespian, Mpho Sebeng.