Ayanda Ncwane to pay damages for Sfiso’s daughter on his behalf

Sfiso Ncwane was married to Ayanda Ncwane until his passing. He did not only have kids with her, but had other kids outside the marriage. Some kids are yet to make a public appearance. He had two kids with his wife, and both are boys. Ayanda is currently a member of the Real Housewives of Durban.

In the show, viewers get to know her a little better. She gets to show them a side of her they didn’t know. She also gets to give her side of the story on most issues that we have seen on papers. There are many stories written about her daily, she gets to clear some, and she doesn’t clear some.





Sfiso had a daughter who is older than his sons. The mother of his daughter is one of the cast members on the Real Housewives of Durban, and her name is Nonku. They met on set, and arranged for their kids to meet. The kids met and instantly got along with each other. Apparently they had seen each other, but they were still too young. During the reunion, Nonku’s mother told Ayanda that she had a message for her from Nonku’s father. She said the message was that, Sfiso was willing to pay for damages, in order for his child, Nothile to change her surname. However, since he died before he could pay, Ayanda now has to be the one to pay for the damages.

Ayanda was too emotional, but she said she doesn’t think it’s the right place, nor the time for that kind of discussion. She also said she is now a single mother who is working hard for her kids. She continued to state that Sfiso has three more kids that he didn’t pay damages for, and if she pays for this one, she’s gonna have to pay for the rest. The issue will still be discussed privately. Do you think she should pay?