Ayanda Ncwane is too being accused of skin bleaching

Ayanda Ncwane is the talk of town these days,Since the split between their supporters Ayanda and Nonku, the mother of Ayanda’s late husband Sfiso Ncwane, the conflict has escalated.





Ayanda’s supporters were outraged that the Williams family demanded damages payment of their granddaughter for the sake of keeping Ayanda’s husband wishes because he died without paying them, with fans viewing the Williams request as an insult and saying the matter should have been discussed privately and not in public.

Nonku’s fans said they did not see anything wrong the Williams family did because Nothile’s case had already been discussed in public.Now there is a lot of controversy between the two ladies’ fans as they are looking for anything that will make them happy regarding their fight amongst their Queens.One of Nonku’s supporters showed an old picture of Ayanda and said she had been telling them that Ayanda was not born white but went to skin bleaching to bleach her skin.

This picture shows Ayanda and Sfiso Ncwane. Ayanda looks dark, which is why Nonku’s fans say that Ayanda has done something to make her look better than her previous pictures.A number of celebrities have been accused of skin bleaching and Ayanda is now added on the list too.

Her fans tried to represent Ayanda by explaining that she was born with white complexion but it was clear that they’re wasting their time because Nonku’s fans were always insisting that she did something to change her looks.

Some even explained that this can happen to anyone if you live well and have money, you will change, that is what happened to Ayanda and there are so many celebrities who are just like her.