Zakes Bantwini to celebrate 20 years of musical excellence with a concert

That’s fantastic news! Zakes Bantwini’s contribution to the South African music industry over the past two decades is certainly commendable.
Celebrating 20 years of musical excellence is a significant milestone, highlighting his talent, dedication, and impact on the music scene. It’s always wonderful to see artists recognized for their enduring contributions and the rich musical legacy they leave behind.





That sounds like it’s going to be an absolutely spectacular event! Celebrating Zakes Bantwini’s 20 years of musical excellence with a star-studded lineup and esteemed hosts is sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The inclusion of talented performers like Kelvin Momo, Mi Casa, Sjava, and many others promises a diverse and electrifying showcase of South African music.The choice of Durban ICC as the venue adds to the grandeur of the occasion, offering a fitting space for such a momentous celebration. With such a lineup and venue, it’s bound to be an event to remember for years to come.