Who is richer Shalate Sekhabi ’Shoki’ and Gaisang Noge ‘Mampho’?

House of Zwide actresses Shalate Sekhabi and Gaisang Noge are fast becoming household names because of their roles in the fashion drama series. The two are formidable forces to be reckoned with because of the rivalry the actresses show on-screen in their roles as Shoki and Mampho. Many fans wonder who is richer between Shalate Sekhabi and Gaisang Noge in real life.





Their roles in House of Zwide.
Gaisanga Noge brings to life the role of Mampho, who started as an intern competing for the fashion house’s design assistant job. Shelate Sekhabi plays Shoki, who lives in Tembisa with her sister and is best friends with Ona, who was also Mampho’s rival. The path of the two collided when Shoki started dating Nkosi Zwide, whom Mampho had a crush on and also seduced to bed.When Shoki discovered that her boyfriend and Mampho had slept together, she broke up with him, and they separated for some time. When they patched things up, Mampho showed up pregnant with Nkosi’s child, and the war between the two started again till an accident and the birth of Busi forced them to get along. Currently, Shoki and Mampho are at loggerheads again as they fight to become the face of the House of Zwide fashion House after Faith.The actress grew up under the shadow of television legend Audrey Sekhabi, so she grew up exposed to the entertainment industry. At the young age of eight, Shalate started acting and even competing in pageants which made her slow rise to stardom. Her television debut happened when she was 14 years of age in a film called A cup of sugar, and then later the same year, she was in Making . She also doubles up as a singer and recently released a single called Trust on all streaming platforms, which her fans received well. The actress is rumoured to be worth an estimated R1 million, with most of her money coming from her acting gigs.

Gaisang Noge ‘Mampho’s business empire and net worthThe actress grew up under the shadows of her famous father, Dosto Noge, a Selimathunzi presenter. However, she made a name for herself on her own without the influence of her father. Since her debut on Efa Motho Motho, she has been featured in The River, Bo Mama and another film called 5Clicks. Recently she landed a role as one of the lead actors in The Wife on Showmax playing Naledi. The actress also has a clothing line and works as a model, and her net worth is an estimated R1.9 million, with most of her money coming from her acting career.