‘WhatsApp chats’: DJ Tira accused of abuse

DJ Tira is trending after being accused of abuse by upcoming singer Luke Ntombela. Against these allegations, the celebrated muso is trending.

However, it is unknown when the incident happened. Taking it to social media, Luke Ntombela said that she met DJ Tira and shared the side of the bed with the Afrotaiment boss.


Entertainment blog MDN News has it that Luke Ntombela claimed that she got too intoxicated only to wake up next to DJ Tira.

“DJ Tira Exposed – A musician by the name of Luke Ntombela has unleashed a series of screenshots exposing DJ Tira on her Facebook post. ALLEGEDLY, she got too intoxicated, and she blacked out, woke up next to DJ Tira and looked like something had happened.”

“According to screenshots, the DJ continued to “touch her” inappropriately despite her objections. The DJ has been trying to get her to retract these public posts and even offered her money,” added the blog.

“She was allegedly promised a music video or a song at Afrotainment, and then they “partied” until she got in a bed with the DJ. According to the screenshots, Luke has been giving Tira enough time to come clean about what happened,” reads the post.

Against these claims, the DJ has yet to share his side of the story. In the now-viral chats, it seems the two had conversations about the incident and how they would kiss and make up.

According to the alleged chats, DJ Tira promised Luke Ntombela a payout and a recording deal. These daring allegations have left social media abuzz, with Mzansi trying to connect the dots about the incident. She also accused DJ Tira of stealing her song.

However, Mzansi accused the fast-rising star of clouting chasing. Many believe she should have reported the incident rather than taking it to social media. Some also have it that the conversations were not adding up.

Popular X user Chris Excel posted, “We stand with Makoya Bearings in these difficult times.” Another user commented, “She’s broke this one and wants money, nje. If she suspected anything sexual that happened ku blackout yakhe kube use for tests. If there was any sexual happenings, she was going to test positive.”

Popular X user @Asa_Sigoxo commented, “Going for tests the morning after the incident would’ve helped.”

The allegations come barely weeks after DJ Tira’s behind-the-scenes video with BBMzansi star Liema. However, this is not the first time DJ Tira has hogged headlines for the wrong reasons.