What Moshe Ndiki was spotted feeding his kids as they celebrate their birthday 6 Months Old

Popular actor and TV personality Moshe Ndiki recently took to Instagram to mark a special occasion in his life – the 6-month milestone of his twin sons. Sharing the joyous news with his followers, Moshe expressed his deep love and gratitude for his boys, whom he affectionately referred to as the sweetest gift from God.The proud father had previously delighted fans with the announcement of his twins’ arrival earlier in the year, even giving viewers a glimpse into their lives through his reality show. Now, as the boys reached the halfway mark to their first year, Moshe couldn’t contain his emotions as he poured out his heart in a heartfelt Instagram post.




In his touching message, Moshe wrote, “Halfway to 1. My boys, you’re the sweetest letter I’ve ever received from God,” encapsulating the profound joy and love he feels for his children.

The post quickly garnered attention from friends and fans alike, who flooded the comments section with an outpouring of well-wishes and birthday messages for the adorable twins. The overwhelming response highlighted the love and support Moshe receives from his community as he celebrates this special milestone in his journey as a father.
However, amidst the celebration, some fans expressed concern after noticing a photo of Moshe feeding cake to his sons. Worried that the infants might be too young for such treats, they voiced their concerns in the comments, urging Moshe to ensure the twins’ diet aligns with their developmental needs.

Despite the minor controversy, Moshe’s unwavering love and dedication to his children shone through, with fans acknowledging his efforts as a caring father. His journey into parenthood continues to inspire many, with his openness and affection for his children resonating deeply with his followers.

As the twins continue to grow and flourish, fans eagerly await more updates and celebrations from Moshe, knowing that each milestone reached is a testament to the boundless love and happiness that fills his heart as a father.