We all need a stepfather like Soka. as for Maria

We all need a stepfather like Soka. 🤣😍 as for Maria🤣🤣Episode 188
Faith reassures Shoki that Nkosi will receive the best care possible. She then turns to a conflicted Funani and urges him to take Nkosi back home and give him the best care that he can as a father.
Thursday 4 April 2024
Episode 189


Shoki encourages Nkosi to be grateful that he’s still alive, whatever he lost during the hijacking can be replaced but not his life. Meanwhile, Funani sets down tough conditions for Nkosi’s return to the mansion.
Friday 5 April 2024
Episode 190
After telling Zanele about his abuse at his mother’s hands and how it influenced his own controlling behaviour towards Zanele, Zola vows to break the cycle so Zanele can finally see the real him.