WATCH: Proverb praises his sister Lerato Mvelase

Radio and TV personality Tebogo Sidney Thapelo Thekisho known as Proverb celebrates his award-winning sister, Lerato Mvelase.

The Idols SA producer Proverb, who was the latest guest on King David’s Podcast reveals that he’s proud of his sister Lerato Mvelase.


“So, I have a little sister, Tumelo and an elder brother, Mpho. I used to have an even elder brother, but he passed on. And then Mpho and I have a sister, Lerato, who’s an actress.”

David replies: “From your dads side?”

Proverb says: “You see now, that’s where it gets murky. And also, there’s lots of elements that I don’t have a full specific understanding of. Because a lot of my siblings are also in the biz, I’d rather they tell their story.”

The Metro FM broadcaster adds that his sister is an Emmy-nominated actress. Highly accomplished and she’s also studying.

“She’s an award-winning actress doing superb things.”

Mvelase also confirmed in a 2011 interview with TVSA that the rapper and businessman Proverb is her brother.

“We share a brother. Both my brothers have different surnames. Our oldest brother, Paul and Proverb, share a dad. And me and Pro’ share a mom.”

When she was asked if she has other siblings Mvelase revealed: “No, it’s just us. Pro’ has a younger sister who’s at RAU,” (now known as UJ or University of Johannesburg).

IOL reported in 2021 that the radio and TV personality, Proverb previously weighed 100kg, which was his heaviest and he couldn’t play with his kids as much as he wanted to.

“I do not want to get all these weight-related illnesses like high blood pressure and want to live long enough to raise my kids.”

“I got to a point where I was uncomfortable in my own skin, I was lazy all the time and too tired to get involved in anything. I saw myself as a mess, especially on my TV shows. I decided in January to take action and challenge myself to lose weight to avoid health scares.”

The Kimberley-born musician also reveals in his interview with King David that he was told by a TV producer that he’s fat and they wanted to replace him with a much slimmer TV presenter.

“When I was in a production meeting, a channel exec said I’m fat. What made it hurt was the brutality of the delivery.”