Uzalo actress Nonka (Thuthuka Mthembu) finds love

popular South African actress Nonka, real name Thuthuka Mthembu may have found love on Uzalo, or has love found her?

Hawu, a village tsotsi and charmer boy who’s trying to change his ways, is after her heart. He’s professed his love and the ball’s now in her court.




These two make such a cute couple. It’s a pity Hawu works with Nkunzi, whom Nonka has now waged a war against. He’ll be caught in the middle, and there’s no telling which way he’ll go.

Nonka clearly loves bad boys; first it was Sibonelo, then King K, then Kwanda and now Hawu. It’s always ended in tears. Let’s hope this is it because she deserves to be in a loving relationship.

Meanwhile, Uzalo’s Mbatha is up to no good again. In his desperate attempt to make quick cash and bring destruction like he always does, he organized a group of men to join him in robbing his former church.

Worst of all, they came heavily armed during a Sunday service, leaving everyone shaken. He stole the church equipment, saying he wants to bring the church to his knees.

If that’s not taking things too far, I don’t know what is. He’s the perfect example of the Bible verse which says “Money is the route of all evil.” Perhaps it’s not only money he wants but possibly the position he once held in the church, which gave him power and money.