Tino Chinyani speaks on how fatherhood has changed his life

Tino Chinyani‘s reflection on how fatherhood has changed his life likely speaks to the transformative power of parenthood. Becoming a parent often reshapes one’s priorities, perspectives, and sense of purpose. For Tino, welcoming a child into his life may have brought newfound responsibilities, joys, and challenges.It’s common for parents to experience a shift in focus, perhaps placing greater emphasis on providing for and nurturing their child. Additionally, fatherhood can deepen emotional connections and foster personal growth as individuals navigate the journey of raising a child. Tino’s acknowledgment of these changes reflects a deeper understanding of the profound impact parenthood can have on one’s life.



Tino welcomed his baby with Simphiwe Ngema in 2021 and he believes his life changed after becoming a father. “Before, I was very selfish. I was working entirely for myself. My lifestyle was not too crazy compared to what it is now. I am still fun-loving, adventurous, and an outdoor adrenalin junky,” he says. “Now, I just have more purpose. I don’t feel the need to be seen as much, to party as much.But I ‘m more interested in building for my family and being a great role model for my son. My lifestyle has calmed down a bit. Fatherhood has been a truly amazing journey,” he says. “It also shaped the way; I behave and look at the world around me. I have discovered what love truly means beyond myself and to give that love beyond myself has been the best thing I can ever ask for.