‘Three cars and a house’: Charlie Stacks shows off new property

Popular club promoter and entrepreneur Charlie Stacks is making headlines after purchasing three brand new cars, a double-storey, and a haulage truck within three months.

Charlie Stacks has been showing off his recent purchases on Instagram, and Mzansi was in awe.

Photos of the new house and cars have since flooded social media. They have gained thousands of comments and reactions since they dropped, with many trying to connect the dots about his income streams.


However, against the trends, The South African can reveal that the bubbly club host purchased a Range Rover for his mother as a ‘thank you gift.’

Taking it to Instagram, Charlie Stacks posted, “Thank you for all the sacrifices, Mama, this one is for you, from your dearest son.”

Little is known about when he bought his two rumoured BMWs. However, he has been posting them on his social media of late. One of the cars has yet to have a registration plate, just like the haulage truck.

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On the other hand, Charlie Stacks was spotted taking a spin with one of his new BMWs, which has a personalised Gauteng number plate, ‘Top G.’

Taking to Instagram stories, he posted a video soon after purchasing their new home. He shared an aerial view of the house, which looks stunning. According to the rumour mill, he has kept its location under wraps for security reasons.

Charlie Stacks lives lavishly and is unapologetic about it. Since his thrust into the limelight, he has managed to keep his private life under wraps, leaving many to guess. However, in one of his interviews in 2016, he revealed that he was born on 23 December 1994 in Lumbashi, Congo.

He attended Yeoville Community Primary School before enrolling at Northview High School. Charlie Stacks doubles as a club promoter and a musician. Unconfirmed reports have it that his real name is Aristote Kanga. His LinkedIn profile shows he holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

Earlier this year, he hogged headlines after he was accused of gender-based violence. Against the trends, his chats with his baby mama, a Khanyisile Dhlomo, leaked.

Fans were more than convinced that everything was a publicity stunt. He is also friends with late Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s son Chatunga.