Theo Baloyi Opens Up a New Bathu Headquarters

Theo Baloyi announces the opening of Bathu’s brand headquarters. Taking to social media, he shared photos of the opening ceremony, a great milestone celebrated




He took to social media to reveal the brand’s mission, especially with the new headquarters.

“From a room in Alex to 11 000sqm Headquarters – From one brand to a retail conglomerate #BathuGroup. We are thrilled to unveil Bathu Group , a retail conglomerate dedicated to fostering growth and empowerment while upholding rigorous ethical standards. Our mission is to deliver maximum ROI to stakeholders and partners, all while maintaining agility and adaptability in today’s fast-paced market.”

“We aspire to be a beacon of pride for Africans worldwide, embodying excellence and innovation at every turn. We envision Bathu Group as a symbol of African pride and innovation, deeply rooted in our rich cultural heritage,” he wrote.