Thembi Seete’s rich baby daddy Collen Mashawana builds a house for a poor woman

Collen Mashawana has been topping trends as he builds a house for a poor woman. Thembi Seete’s rich baby daddy also revealed that he will provide her business start-up capital. SA businessman Collen Mashawana is one of the celebrated business moguls to have come from rags to riches.






Despite living the American dream in Africa, he has since extended his hand to others for the betterment of society. In recent years he has managed to engage several families across Mzansi and chipped in with several donations.

Thembi Seete’s rich baby daddy Collen Mashawana – Source: Twitter
Thembi Seete’s rich baby daddy Collen Mashawana – Source: Twitter
However, of late, he has been making strides in building houses for the elderly and offering business start-ups to marginalised families to sustain themselves. Of interest is the fact that he has managed to do this away from the cameras, unlike other celebrities who have tried to gain mileage by taking advantage of the less privileged.

The famed multi-millionaire has been topping trends after he warmed hearts with another one of his selfless acts of kindness. In the mix of things this time, Collen is helping a poor woman start a business, and he is also building her and her family’s home. Mzansi has since shared threads of appraisal to the multi-millionaire for showing love when needed. Taking it to Twitter, the celebrated business mogul revealed that she would be helping a woman who has been living in a tin shack.

Thembi Seete’s rich baby daddy Collen Mashawana – Source: Twitter
Thembi Seete’s rich baby daddy Collen Mashawana – Source: Twitter
He has it that she will be building her home and helping her start a business; he prays that she will be filled with hope that will lead to a brighter future. No doubt this kind gesture has seen him topping trends. Seeing Collen helping another family filled many hearts with joy. They thanked him for his endless acts of kindness and showed their support.

However, Mzansi has been wondering about his business empire in the mix of things. Collen Mashawana is a man who wears many hats and owns several construction companies in the country. He is the epitome of hard work and stops at nothing to secure the bag. The businessman is also the brains behind the Collen Mashawana foundation, which aims to reduce unemployment in Mzansi. As of 2022, he has created employment for over a million youths since starting his foundation. His passion for the youth has made him friends with his excellent Cyril Ramaposa.

Collen Mashawana:
Thembi Seete’s rich baby daddy Collen Mashawana with EFF President – Source: Twitter

As of 2022, Collen Mashawana has an estimated net worth of R290 million. He has generated most of his income from his software company AFRIBIZ Investments and construction companies. Although he doesn’t flaunt his riches on social media, the businessman is loaded.