Tenda from Muvhango in his real-life

Nathaniel Ramabulana has always made it clear that he is married, and his onscreen wife and he have chemistry that leads one to believe they are married in real life.

Many relationships have developed as a result of onscreen affairs over the years, with some even ending up married. Tenda and Mpho from Muvhango, on the other hand, have both shown off their real-life husbands on their Instagram sites.




Nathaniel tales on the role of Tendamudzimu in Muvhango and has been for several years. He has a family with Mpho, who is also a sangoma, and the two have a blended family as Mpho has a child from her teenage years.When it comes to his wife and kids, Tenda will punish anyone who dares to cross them as he is an overprotective family man.
Nathaniel Ramabulana has always preferred to keep his personal life private, and he has never shared photos of his family. However, Ramabulana shared a photo of himself on vacation and then a couple of images with his wife, indicating that he was on holiday with his wife.His followers have been impressed and have commented on how well the two appear together. The image was captioned ‘Best things in life are better with you’ by Ramabula.

His wife’s name is Mpho Mukwevho, and they are both originally from Venda. They have a daughter together, but they are also multilingual.The actor took to Instagram in September 2022 to tell that he was spending his real-life anniversary with his wife, Mpho Mukwevo. Nat and Mpho have been married for ten years, according to his caption, and he refers to her as his best friend and love. Nathaniel decided to propose to his wife again during the celebrations.

The star escorted her to Browns, one of the most expensive jewelry stores in the country. Nat recreated their first date after taking images at the shop. The date was a picnic in the park, and he laid out checked mats and chairs on the grass, while the table was arranged with snacks, fruits, and champagn.

Ramabulana recently uploaded photos of himself and his wife on vacation at a beach in several of his postings.

Many people were taken aback because this was the first time the actor has shown his wife on Instagram, and while his fans knew he was married, they had never seen his wife before. They are both Venda tribe members, yet they are multilingual and can communicate in other languages. They have had one daughter from their marriage so far.