Surprise tribute to Yvonne Chaka Chaka

GHANANIAN Awards, the Legends and Legacy Africa Ball Awards, want a taste of Mzansi.

Organisers felt Mzansi was a perfect place to bring the event to and honour our musicians.

The awards launch was held on Thursday, 16 May, at the Sandton Convention Centre, and the awards will take place on 8 June at the same venue.

They will be celebrating the Princess of Africa, Yvonne Chaka Chaka. She told Daily Sun she was blessed to be honoured.






Yvonne became the first South African to be honoured since the awards was launched in 2011.

“When this whole thing was conceptualised, I was only told half of it. I didn’t know it was a surprise. I don’t like surprises. Had I known this was the plan, I would’ve run to another country because I always want to know what’s happening,” she said.

“I just want to say thank you. I met Kojo Asante (the founder) a couple of years ago in Ghana. We did a show there and got to know each other. I want to say thank you. I didn’t see it coming. I thought you were playing me when this happened.”The legendary singer said right now, her focus is on young people.

She attended the event with former Idols SA Season 19, star Princess Macdonald.

“My aim is to get all those who come after me to get where I’ve been. This is why I came with this beautiful young girl who came out number 2 in Idols to be part of this, Princess Macdonald. She sang Umqombothi beautifully on the show and blew me away.

“So, for me, I want to bring everyone together and have all these young people surround me because they make me feel young.”

She dedicates the accolade to her late colleagues in the industry.

“I accept this with grace. This honour is not mine; it’s for Miriam Makeba, Dolly Rathebe, Dorothy Masuka, Lebo Mathosa, and Brenda Fassie,” mam’Yvonne said.

Kojo, promised mam’Yvonne would be honoured in a big way.

“On 8 June, she’ll cry. When I went to her house, I saw a lot of plaques and awards. She’s 59 years old now, and we think she doesn’t need to get more awards. We’ll shower her with love, and she won’t believe what we’ll do for her,” Kojo said.