Sophie Ndaba opens up on how her kids saved her life

Sophie Ndaba couldn’t hold back tears when reflecting on how her children stuck with her throughout her healing journey.








It’s been nearly a decade since Sophie revealed she was diagnosed with diabetes after images of her drastic weight loss flooded social media timelines.

The actress and businesswoman, who has now become a wellness coach teaching people about living a healthier life, spoke of the importance of checking on one’s health during an interview on Metro FM.

“You need to equip yourself to know your body and know who you are. Don’t get caught off guard like me. I knew about diabetes through my parents, but I was still ignorant,” she said.

Sophie broke down when recalling how her son Lwandle, popularly known as Ocean L, took care of her during the lowest point in her life.

“I get teary-eyed when I think about Ocean. That boy carried me at 42kg at my lowest point, at a point when I had a stroke. He carried me and said, ‘mommy, we’re going to get through this’.

“My children saved my life. Besides my friends, my children … besides God, my children … Ocean L was the one who was with me in my midnight hours. If that child could’ve bathed me he would’ve bathed me … I lost it because we don’t understand when our children are there for us and they’re also crying on the other side.”

Posting on social media about Ocean L’s impact in her life, Sophie wrote: “My son, my precious ‘prem baby’, I never understood why God made you come early, I now see he was prepping you to know what is strength. You fought from birth. Now you’re fighting through your young adult life.

“Waking at 5am daily to college and your side business to care for us and continue to partner with mommy. I do not take your love and appreciation and understanding of God first. I pray blessings over everything you touch and your life. May you continue to put God first and respect your parents as you have. God sees it all and will bless you. I love you to moon n back. Thank you my stunkie.”