‘Skeem Saam’s’ Nompilo Mwelase FINALLY apologises for being ‘rude’ to aspiring actors

Over two weeks after she was lambasted for her unpleasant treatment towards aspiring actors during a Black Brain Pictures audition in Durban, Skeem Saam actress Nompilo Mwelase has apologised.


In January this year, Mwelase (who plays the role of Nokuthula on the SABC 1 educational drama series) received backlash for not giving hopefuls enough time during their monologues.

The actress and casting director was also accused of being biased and giving special treatment to actors who had already established themselves in the industry.

At the time, the actress told Sunday World that she was only doing her job, and to the best of her ability.

“People must work on their craft. I’m not gonna be having bosses not happy with my work trying to please people,” said Mwelase.

“I had a judge having to do pre-screening after me because I was being kind and letting people go through, but judges complained that they were getting only ‘wooden mics’ instead of people they were really looking for.”

She added that, having been down the same road, and with her experience, she can easily spot potential.

One of people who called her out at the time was My Brother’s Keeper star Wiseman Mncube.

Recently, Mwelase apologised for her behaviour.

“Something I never thought would happen, happened this year. Trust me, I didn’t see it coming. I was hurt and angry at God. My biggest question to him was: ‘Why, why do this to me when you know my heart’. I don’t know what happened to that audition but something in me shifted and I can’t even explain it. At that moment and time, I did what I thought was right ‘for me’ to get the job done and forgot one thing, I was dealing with people and people have feelings, going through a lot and some took their last courage to go there. In the midst of looking for what I was looking for, I became impatient and used my will and forgot the person who sent me there,” ZiMoja quoted Mwelase as saying.

In addition, the Generations:The Legacy actress thanked those who held her hand during the backlash.

“The agencies I’m working with, the strangers who sent me kind messages, the people I’m working with and the entire Black Brain team for the support even in the middle of the storm I was in, izandla zendlula ikhanda,” she said.
“We live and we learn. I hope my mistake leaves a clear message of ‘you can work on something for years and it will take a minute for it all to crumble down’. Include God in everything you do ngoba no Sathane naye akahleli,’ she said