Skeem Saam’s Kwaito is still with the same woman he dated when things were tough

Women’s loyalty is said to be tested when their husband has nothing, whereas men’s loyalty is said to be tested when their husband has everything in his possession. It has been proven to us that true love exists by Kwaito of Skeem Saam and his wife. Before he became famous, they began dating, and even though they’ve become famous, they’re still together because he hasn’t forgotten about her.



Mzansi Social Network posted a photo of their “before and after” transformation on Facebook. They praised his wife for remaining by his side even though he had nothing else to give him. Prior to his death, Clement Maosa revealed that he had come from a low-income household. For some women, staying with a broke man is a difficult task. Just know that when a woman stays by your side even when you have nothing to offer, you are in the presence of true love.

There was no doubt in the minds of the audience that what they witnessed was true love. For their followers, public figures serve as role models. Fans will undoubtedly take a lot away from Skeem Saam’s Kwaito’s example of staying true to your woman even after fame. (Clement Maosa).