Skeem Saam: Trouble in paradise for Lehasa and Pretty

Things aren’t looking good for Skeem Saam‘s favourite couple, Lehasa and Pretty.

Lehasa has been hell-bent on destroying his ex-wife, Khwezi, and it has taken a toll on his mind. He’s neglected his girlfriend, causing problems between them.




As a result, Lehasa has stopped being the loving boyfriend Pretty knows. He’s even become violent with her. Even worse, he recently discovered a secret that Pretty has been keeping. She’s been hiding that she’s working for Kobus, who has a history with Lehasa.

Upon finding out, he got upset and made her choose between her job and their relationship. He’s also asked Pretty to steal a document at the office just to prove her loyalty to him. So, Pretty has to decide who she loves more – her man or her job because she certainly can’t do both.

While in Turfloop, things are looking up for Pretty’s sister, Sthoko. She also had some trouble with her boo, Babeile, but they are over that now.

Babeile is planning on proposing. He told his daughter, Lewatle, about the plan, and she’s on board. Let’s hope Sthoko won’t mess this up.