Sinaye Kotobe opens up on his experience on Big Brother Mzansi & his next move after the house

The Eastern Cape’s Sinaye Kotobe, who was part of Big Brother Mzansi Season 4, has set his sights on a career in sports broadcasting. His journey came to an end on Sunday evening, following the other contestants who had also been evicted from the show.Now that he’s no longer competing for the R2m grand prize, Kotobe is looking to bring his talents to the entertainment industry, with his sights set on sports broadcasting.

Kotobe’s fans praised him for his compassion, warmth, and presentation skills on the show.The Dale College alumnus was among the top five contestants who had the chance of taking the grand prize home.Twenty-three contestants vied for the prize, with McJunior from KwaZulu-Natal the winner, beating rival Makhekhe.

“I wanted to go on the show because of the opportunities that come with it,” he told the publication.







“Being on that platform gets you to explore many different sides of yourself.
“I went in to explore those situations and see what I was capable of. I wanted to showcase my presentation skills, because I want to get into sports broadcasting.”

His love for sport stems from his school days.

“I enjoyed public speaking from an early age and realised broadcasting would be something I would enjoy.”

The 24-year-old contestant from Qonce said being on the show had been memorable.

“Every Thursday we had tasks. One highlight was getting the lead role on talk shows, hosting a podcast, which gave me a taste of the life I want to live“I have no regrets; I did all that I should and all I could have done.”

Kotobe said his calm, loving, and warm personality came from a combination of his parents.

“People see my dad in me — my mom is extremely loving; you know how Xhosa moms are. I carry both their personalities.”

He built a close bond with hometown girl Liyema Pantsi, and their love was applauded by many.

Pantsi’s journey ended a few weeks back, after Big Brother made her to choose between the money and staying in the game. She chose the money.

“My relationship with Liyema is great. She came to see me last night [Monday] and we spoke a bit about our plans and how we intend moving forward. Our relationship is still good.”Kotobe said he was grateful for the team that backed him on the show.

“I appreciate and love each member of the team.

“I wouldn’t have reached this point if it wasn’t for them. I hope they get all that they want.

“I hope they get to support the next person like they did me.”

His advice after the show: “Go out there and be bold, go there with a strong mentality because your mental health will be tested, be respectful of the people around you.

“Take note of how you treat other people. Go out there with a goal and a mission.”