Scandal!: Zazi makes her move on Mdala.

Scandal, one of the most-viewed soap operas in South Africa, is renowned for its skill at telling compelling stories. Let’s explore the current storylines in the soap opera.

Tibi and his friend Khumo are currently crushing on their teacher, Mary. In the other, Dintle is seen defending her daughter’s freedom from false accusations. Taps, who doesn’t give a damn about his hospitalized father, who is really sick. Furthermore, one of Mdala and Thogi is now going through a divorce.





However, Mdala and Tlhogi’s marriage is officially over.Mdala removed his ring and moved out of the house. Ever since Tlhogi betrayed him, the couple has not been the same.They’ve made an unsuccessful attempt at reconciliation. Mdala simply finds it difficult to let go and move forward.
Do you still remember Jackie’s friend, Zaza? According to the April teasers, Zaza is going to see a newly single man, Mdala, and make her move.The question is: will Mdala fall in love with Zazi since he is single now?

Friday 12 April 2024: Zaza sees a newly single snack of a man and makes her move

In some way, dating Zaza will serve as a wake-up call. Although his romance with Tlhogi may have ended, dating Zaza is unquestionably not a good decision. She could mislead him since she is a gold digger.Let’s wait and see how long this new ship, Zaza and Mdala, is going to last. The April 2024 teasers also reveal that Tebello and Khumo will continue to battle it out for their
teacher’s affections. Tebello will realise that he needs to step up his game while, on the other hand, someone is already onto him. Cee-Jay is shocked by a disturbing message from Mary. It seems like Tibi will send Cee-Jay a breakup message, pretending it is from Mary.