‘Scammed’ Sello Maake KaNcube, Elizabeth Serunye were lovers on ‘Skeem Saam’

Award-winning actors Sello Maake KaNcube and Elizabeth Serunye, who received bogus doctorates, acted as lovers in Skeem Saam.


Sowetan confirms that Skeem Saam actors Sello Maake KaNcube and Elizabeth Serunye’s honorary doctorates from Trinity International Bible University are fake.

Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande tells the publication that Trinity International Bible University is not registered.

The department’s spokesperson, Veli Mbele, also says Trinity International Bible University is not a registered private higher education institution.

“Trinity International Bible University is therefore not authorised to offer any qualifications, including honorary degrees.”

“We also wish to state that, as the Department, we have written to Trinity International University before and warned them about continuing to operate illegally and for them to regularise their operations.”

“We have also asked the Council on Higher Education (CHE) for guidance on how honorary qualifications should be offered and by who. As the Department, we have nothing against Trinity International Bible University or the celebrities they have chosen to honour.”

Before making headlines this week, the actors trended on social media when they played lovers Ntate Kganyago and Jacobeth Thobakgale in Skeem Saam.

The actors Sello Maake KaNcube and Elizabeth Serunye played lovers Ntate Kganyago and Jacobeth Thobakgale in Skeem Saam.

Maake KaNcube joined the soapie in 2022 as a swindler who stole money from his lover, Jacobeth Thobakgale.

The former school principal, Jacobeth Thobakgale realised Ntate Kganyago stole R500 000 from her bank account after he ghosted her.

Kganyago convinced Jacobeth to invest half a million rand into a scam and proposed marriage to her. He also convinced her to turn her back on his daughter, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Seakamela-Maputla (Amanda Manku).

Upon realising she was scammed, Jacobeth apologised to her daughter, who was kidnapped and drugged by her lover’s accomplice Luc (Jean-Michel Tuji Mukengeshayi).

In the soapie, Ntate Kganyago is still on the run, and Jacobeth is still paying for the money he stole nearly two years ago.

The TVSA May teasers reveal that Gontshe Ntshegang’s character, Detective Rathebe will make a breakthrough on Kganyago’s case.

Wednesday, 29 May: “Rathebe makes a breakthrough on the Kganyago and Luc case through Bullet”.

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Skeem Saam actress Elizabeth Serunye who portrays Jacobeth Thobakgale took to Instagram on the same day as Maake KaNcube to announce that she received her doctorate from the very same university.

She captioned her post: “Graduation Day. Honour me as Dr Sikasu Serunye.”

And just like that, both actors are now back to Ms Elizabeth Sikasu Serunye and Mr Sello Maake KaNcube.