SA reacts to Sibu Mpanza’s engagement after Buhle’s break-up

TV personality Sibu Mpanza has announced his recent engagement to his girlfriend, Yolanda.


The YouTuber Sibu Mpanza took to his Instagram to share photos of his fiancée on Wednesday, 8 May.

Mpanza’s engagement caused South Africans to criticise his intentions of not wanting to be a married man when he dated Buhle Lupindo.

Bona reports that Mpanza was in a relationship with content creator Buhle Lupindo. The pair, who dated for four years, had a YouTube channel titled More Mpanza, where they documented their lives together.

Briefly confirmed in July 2022 that the YouTubers announced their break-up two years ago. Lupindo also opened up about the pain of heartbreak on social media.

It was reported that Lupindo’s mental health issues and irresistible differences caused the break-up.

Mpanza also made headlines in 2023 when his mother was gunned down during the violent taxi strike in Cape Town. TshisaLIVE reported that Mpanza’s mother was shot dead in Philippi East, in Cape Town, by an unknown suspect on Thursday, 3 August.

The TV personality’s mother was driving her grandchildren to school when she was shot three times. It is unclear at this stage if the shooting was related to the 2023 taxi strike in the Western Cape.

“On their way, less than 10 minutes after they left the house, they stopped at a stop street, and they were cut off by what they thought was a cab. Someone got out of the back seat of the car and pointed a gun at my mother. The man then proceeded to shoot five times, got back into the car and left. My mother was murdered.”

@Ihhashi_Turkei: “Love it for them, wishing them a prosperous marriage.”

@porshe418: “People are allowed to leave relationships for whatever reasons. We don’t own people. We just get a chance to experience them, but they are not always ours to keep or have. Not all relationships are meant to work out, unfortunately people do get hurt and that’s sad.”

@Maleratom_1: “No, I’m not judging. In the period he broke up with the ex, he lost his mother and only God knows how it has changed him. Maybe that also made him want to have a family sense of belonging etc. come on.”

@Been_ThroughIt: “Judging as per who?? It’s been 2 years already, Buhle initiated the breakup, so Sibu must stay single forever?”