Rebecca breaks the news to Nolitha that Khaya is dead. #IsithaTheEnemy

Episode 244
Religion vs Beliefs
The Sokhulus are almost ambushed by the church ladies on their way to the graveyard, but Chuma saves the day.
Friday 26 April 2024
Episode 245





The Day of Reckoning
Solomzi warns Chuma about Nolitha when they return from the grave and Bandze promises Nelly that one day he will marry her. Nandi admits to Solomzi that she loves him, which leads Solomzi into a fight with Khaya over Nandi.
Monday 29 April 2024
Episode 246
‘Laphi’s Last Stand
Velaphi is forced to face fate when his family is taken to hospital. On one hand Nelly and Bandze thank their lucky stars for not being part of the chaos, and on the other, the prayer warriors gather to console their mother in spirit Mam’ Nomsa.
Tuesday 30 April 2024
Episode 247
Tit for Tat
Velaphi is is forced to deal with the reality of his actions. TK has his moment of glory when his presence becomes a necessity and the Eswatini Royals find out about Nomcebo’s safety being compromised.
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