Qualifications revealed: Layla Kolbe sets goal to find a job

Springbok WAG Layla Kolbe, the darling wife of the Rugby World Cup champion Cheslin Kolbe has recently shared that she is now planning on getting herself a job.



Taking to Instagram recently, the 32-year-old wife and mother of three shared that she is now ready to return to work. “I think at this age I [will] learn [how] to do my makeup so I can look and feel 32… and [also] find a job),” she wrote on her feed.

In 2020, Layla opened up about turning her back on her career to focus on her husband and their family. “I left my career, in the middle of my articles of fulfilling my own dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA). People laughed at me and still do. Yes, I left [my career] for rugby. I left to back my husband,” she shared.

In 2019, South Africa won its third Rugby World Cup championship after defeating England 32-12, the New York Times reported. Layla Kolbe, the wife of the Springbok wing shared previously shared that her CA qualification could never replaced the joy she felt witnessing South Africans celebrating the Springboks’ achievement.

“No CA qualification could have ever replaced witnessing not only Cheslin make it, But witnessing a nation with so many underprivileges and heartache, witnessing hundreds of kids in townships running freely with joy and hope, videos of bars packed and people singing “OLÉ” arm in arm; streets packed with people from all backgrounds- all together in unity!!! All Celebrating this victory. That is flippen special,” Layla wrote.
In October last year, the Springboks won their fourth Webb Ellis Cup after beating New Zealand’s All Blacks 12-11 at the tense Rugby World Cup final game at the Stade de France Stadium, The Citizen reported.

Following the match, Cheslin Kolbe praised his wife for her unwavering support, saying her faith and prayers kept him strong.

“Speak it and you will receive it through the Almighty. Babe, it’s because of you that we are who and where we are today. I literally went through your posts to see this step-by-step belief that DESTINY will happen.

“You were always trusting for the World Cup victory that would make up for the tough times. Your faith and prayers kept us going and made us strong! You are beyond amazing and I thank you and LOVE you for everything,” Cheslin penned to Layla.